All our paid staff and volunteer counsellors work part-time.  We have approximately 80 counsellors from a wide range of backgrounds.

  • Director -  Vybra Morris (Psychol (BA) Hons), MSc, Dip Integ, Supv)
  • Administrator - Jill Rann
  • Administrator - Silvie Labatut
  • Administrator - Cathy Allen

5 Clinical Supervisors: (sessional)

  • Claire Collins
  • Kate Hardwick
  • Linda Latter
  • Lizzi Luminati
  • Kim MacConnell

There is a Board of Trustees who have overall responsibility for the charity. The Board meets 6 times a year and prepares an Annual Report and Accounts. All Trustees are unpaid appointments.

There are currently 8 Trustee Directors

  • Sarah Davies
  • Colin Dingwall - Vice-Chair
  • Norman Franklin
  • Bernard Heymann
  • Laura Noel - Chair
  • Felicia Olney
  • Helen Palin
  • Victoria Woolfson - Treasurer

Independent Financial Examination performed by:

  • Andy Nash - Andy Nash Accounting & Consultancy


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"With the great support of my counsellor who listened to me in my darkest days ... I am now able to remember my losses with a happier heart ..."